General Information

The HiFiLeD Symposium is organised by the TILDA consortium, coordinated by NUMECA Int. sa

Contributions by participants are expected on the following topics, either as presentation, or as organiser of a Mini-Symposium:

  • Understanding Turbulence and Transition from HiFiLeD
  • Understanding Turbulence and Transition from new experimental data
  • Advances in Turbulence and Transition modelling, based on LES/DNS databases
  • Machine Learning applications to LES/DNS analysis and modelling
  • New LES/DNS data for reference configurations
  • Applications of high fidelity LES/DNS to industrial configurations
  • Algorithmic and modelling issues for LES simulations, including Wall Modelled LES (WMLES)
  • Advances in high-order methods, including curved grid generation
  • HPC related issues on multiple platforms (CPU/GPU)

and reaches out for applications related to

  • Aeronautics
  • Rotating machines
  • Automotive
  • Maritime
  • Combustion

For presentations, please note further that

  • An Abstract of 1-2 (max!) page(s) is requested, see abstracts tab on top of page.
  • Presentations are intended to last for 30 minutes including time for discussion.
    Invited Keynote Lectures will take 45 minutes including time for discussion.

For any queries

please contact:

Charles Hirsch,

Werner Haase,