For any HiFiLeD Symposium presentation an abstract of 1-2 (max!) page(s) is required

In order to provide a book-of-abstracts prior to the symposium to all participants, an MS-Word template is available for editing your abstract.
It can be  downloaded from here.

Please note: In case you are using LaTeX, please try to “mimic” the MS-Word file and send a PDF file instead. And then please use the mandatory left, right, top and bottom page margins:
4.0 cm (left margin), 4.0 cm (right margin), 5.0 cm (top margin), and  5.0 cm (bottom margin).

The ultimate submission deadline for abstracts is  14 September 2018

Your abstracts will be peer reviewed and acceptance of presentation will be

confirmed by  end of October August 2018


Please note further that
all presentations will be collected and made available to the Symposium Participants
after the HiFiLeD Symposium – by a t.b.d. download server.

For uploading your abstract

mandatorily use the following filename structure:

“familyname”_”givenname”_abstract.docx    (or  .doc or  .pdf)

Please note that in case you want to send a revised version using the same name (and not e.g. “…abstract#”, with “#” being the number of the new version), your abstract/file will be overwritten.

Please do now upload your abstract here: